Are you looking for a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in San Diego? Most couples seeking divorce do so without a good understanding of the financial aspects of their settlement. Save money. Save time. Talk to us today to avoid costly settlement mistakes so that both you and your spouse can keep more of your money.


CDFA©, CFP©, AIFA©, Founder of Divide and Provide & Vector Financial Solutions, Inc.

Dave Wilson is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst© and Certified Financial Planner©. Using his unique knowledge of the financial technicalities of divorce and his understanding of financial planning, Dave helps clients throughout San Diego divide their divorce assets efficiently and confidently. He works in tandem with divorce attorneys and mediators to provide tax optimization, accurate valuation of assets, and long-term financial projections of proposed settlements. As someone who has been through his own divorce, Dave values fairness and civility. He is committed to helping you and your spouse become the best divorced family you can be.

Thinking about divorce? Feeling lost? Concerned about your finances?

Married couples contemplating divorce are often feeling a myriad of emotions and concerns. The marriage is ending yet there are so many unanswered questions. Dividing the Marital property in a fair distribution is a key concern. Let us help you decide your options.


Better guidance for your divorce.

Full cooperation with mediators and attorneys. Focused and respectful financial consultation and financial advocacy.

Proven and successful 6 step process.

Secure your financial assets and keep more of your money.


The value of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Tax efficiency, asset distribution, and financial planning to a ensure an equitable settlement.


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We can work with you, your mediator, or your divorce attorney in a collaborative process to ensure your divorce settlement allows you to keep as much as your money as possible. Let us help you craft a divorce that makes financial sense for you and your family.

In Your Strategy Session We’ll:
  • Explore your divorce options and get clear on the right solution for your situation
  • Review your finances and explore creative settlement ideas
  • Map out a plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life
  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them
  • Connect you with any other resources you’ll need in your process

Don’t waste thousands on an inefficient settlement. Message us now to book a meeting and keep more money in you and your spouse’s pockets.