Services for your divorce

Divide and Provide divorce guidance helps individuals, couples, mediators, and attorneys work with and understand the financial elements of divorce. With advanced training in asset valuation, tax optimization of settlements, and marital vs. separate property, we can help create settlement solutions that avoid costly mistakes and make financial sense for everyone involved.

Divorce Done Differently

Attorneys and mediators often have difficultly educating divorcing couples on the financial complexities of their settlements. At Divide and Provide we work to fill this gap. We provide the financial knowledge you and your team need to build a settlement that addresses your financial needs. Our goal as Certified Divorce Financial Analysts is to help you make agreements that are educated, fully-informed, and future tested. We bring 25 years of experience in financial planning and a specific focus on the issues around divorce to the table and believe that a healthy and stable financial future after divorce is possible for you and your family.

Asset Valuation

One of the most difficult financial aspects of divorce is getting an accurate valuation of your assets. It’s simply not possible to split things fairly if you don’t know the value of what you own. This is why it’s of utmost importance to have accurate valuations before you create or agree to a settlement.

Some assets are easy to assign a value to. Others, like pensions and other retirement accounts are much harder to assess. As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts we can help you understand what you own and exactly how much it is worth so that your can be sure to split things fairly.

At Divide and Provide we have advanced training in providing valuation for even the most complicated of financial assets including:

  1. Investment accounts
  2. Pensions and other retirement accounts
  3. All other types of financial accounts

Tax Optimization

Some of the most costly financial mistakes that couples make when they are navigating a divorce have to do with taxes and retirement accounts. Here at Divide and Provide we can help you split your retirement assets in a way that avoids costly penalties and helps you both keep more money in your pockets.

Post-Divorce Splitting of Accounts and Financial Planning

Your divorce is done and final! But now the real work starts. You accounts will need to be consolidated, wills redone, and QDROs executed. This stage can be overwhelming. With the right guidance, however, it can proceed smoothly and efficiently. Let us help you tie everything up so that you can move on to the next phase of your life with confidence.

We’ll work with you as long as necessary to ensure that ALL of the terms of your settlement agreement are completed and you get the assets you’re entitled to.

As a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Divorce Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience, David Wilson and his team at Divide and Provide are ready to help you manage your financial life post-divorce.

Services included:

  • QDRO Execution
  • Investment Advice and Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education and College Savings Planning
  • Small Business Finance
  • Tax and Insurance Assessments

Managing Your Financial Life

Divide and Provide is dedicated to excellent service and a genuine desire to help our clients make critical financial decisions as they work through the transitions that life brings. Once a divorce is final we often continue to work with our divorce clients in an ongoing capacity as they consider their financial futures and work to make their dreams reality.